12.15.2004 "Grackle Wednesday @ the Church of the Friendly Ghost"

Dear You,

Thank you everyone for coming out to the Church of the Friendly Ghost and joining Buttercup in our little celebration of the end of a difficult, beautiful year. Buttercup feels great having made so many new friends in Austin ... thanks to all who ventured across the street to sing a few carols to the kids. We feel that was surely the highlight of the evening. That and Rick's great choice of the Heatmiser song. Next month it's the Replacements, and we promise to do our very best. Thank you Aaron, and the rest of the Ghost for being great hosts!


P.S. See you next year, Wednesday, January 19th @ The Church of the Friendly Ghost. 209 Pedernales. 7-10PM. BYOB. Cover: Spin.

set one:

  1. Nov. 1
  2. You and You Alone
  3. Robert Mitchum
  4. Sick Yellow Flower
  5. Vicious Rewind
  6. Epithalamium
  7. No Escape

set two:

  1. Twin Cities
  2. You'll Just Have to Wait
  3. Waterloo Sunset - the Kinks
  4. Anti-Antarctica
  5. Heatmiser - song of the month
  6. Cutting Daisies
  7. Party Line
  8. Johnny Appleseed