1.10.2005 "Snap, Grackle, Pop!"

Dear You,

Oh what fun this night was! It was so good to see you again at Buttercup's new year celebration. We set up "in the round" which made for a special kind of energy on stage. I hope you all felt it, and that it felt good.

Did you type? If so, shame on you! - you can do better than that! Where is the poetry, where is the stream of conciousness, where is the simple truth? In truth we've become spoiled with Brain's weekly art pieces.

Come see us again on Feb 14th for a very special, loving show. (@ the Wiggle Room. doors open 8pm. show 8-11pm. $4 cover or spin.)


set 1:

  1. Egypt
  2. Toast with Champan
  3. Vicious Rewind
  4. Oh My Dear
  5. Confirmation
  6. You & You Alone
  7. No Escape
  8. Cutting Daisies Twin Cities

(set 2):

  1. Shiyo Ga Nai
  2. Anti-Antarctica
  3. Hello, Goodbye
  4. Living Thing - ELO
  5. Downslide
  6. Sunset
  7. National Spelling Bee Contest
  8. Apache - the Sugar Hill Gang
  9. Johnny Appleseed
  10. In Spain