1.19.2005 "Grackle New Year in Austin"

Dear You,

This was our first show in Austin for the new year, so we tried new arrangements, full force. In fact, looking over the list, we played nine songs that we had never attempted before up in Austin. We hope you enjoyed this as much as we did. For us the highlights were playing the song of the month (Willpower) as well as tippling from Charlie's kegs. We'll return next month for another third Wednesday. See you then, and thanks for coming!

(@ the Church of the Friendly Ghost. $ 4 cover. 7-10 PM.)

Erik Sanden, Joe Reyes, Jamie Roadman, Odie, Buttercup

(set 1):

  1. Epithalamium
  2. Egypt
  3. Ole Papa - Josele Santiago
  4. I Feel For You
  5. You'll Just Have to Wait
  6. Outburst - Wesley Wills
  7. Sunset
  8. Oh My Dear (country)

(set 2):

  1. Cold to Me
  2. Twilight - Elliot Smith
  3. Shiyo Ga Nai
  4. Hello, Goodbye
  5. Sick Yellow Flower
  6. Song of the Month: Will Power - The Replacements
  7. Apache
  8. Twin Cities Filmed Loud
  9. Promise Her Anything - Burt Bachrach
  10. Underground